ACT laser cutting can do it

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  • October 25, 2014

Advanced Cutting Technology will cut what other laser cutting companies can not. Our specialist 3D laser cutting technology is superior and highly advanced.
Our six axis, 3D laser cutting machine is capable of processing many materials. Our state of the art machinery functions in a 3D plane. It is capable of Counter Sinking, Bevel Edge Cutting and Scalloping. Along with the ability to process all your pipe (Round or Square). We can even cut on and around all faces of pre-fabricated three dimensional objects.
Using computerised laser cutting equipment, we are able to produce accurate finishes, even for the most intricate designs. We provide the quality of service essential to produce the highest standard of laser cutting. With three laser cutting machines and over 40 years combined experience, our skilled staff will deliver results you’re sure to be pleased with.

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