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Melbourne Laser Cutting company is versatile

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Laser cutting jobs are versatile and virtually anything can be cut with a laser, from delicate material such as fabric, plastic, and paper, to other tougher materials like wood, metal, and stainless steel. And best of all, most of the laser cutting jobs on precision high quality laser cutting systems take no time at all and require minimal human intervention.

The various advantages offered by lasers have led to their usage in different laser cutting jobs. A few examples of such advantages are a reduction in total work time, precision quality work, clean and silent work, as well as other benefits. Since lasers use a non-contact way of cutting things, there is no mechanical pressure on the piece being cut, thereby reducing the chances of wear and tear on the instrument. The laser instrument is not affected by the hardness of the material being cut. The cutting has high degrees of automation and flexibility and offers an ease of integration with other automated systems. As lasers have a high trimming capability, they can produce products that do not require further processing like polishing, de-burring, finishing, etc.

Laser Art Metal Designs

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Combining the talent of artists with state of the art technology and laser cutting techniques, produces an exciting concept of art – laser art.

Lasers are used everyday around the world. A laser uses a thin beam of light, consisting of the same color and traveling in the same direction in an organised manner. Because it is computer controlled and follows your original computer design, the results are very accurate. This makes it a perfect fit with intricate art designs in metal and plastics. The combinations are endless! Try this new world of laser design.

Advantages of Laser Cutters Over Mechanical Cutters

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With greater demand for products made with laser cutters, growing numbers of small businesses and large manufacturing plants are replacing traditional mechanical cutting methods with laser cutting. Laser cutting has a number of unique benefits that other methods can’t provide.

Highly Accurate Finished Pieces Products made with laser cutters have a much finer tolerance than mechanical-cut items. The edge load from a cutting blade introduces minor warp distortions on the finished shape.

These distortions may be so small as to be invisible to the naked eye, but when working under tight tolerances this can still be enough to reject a piece and require re-manufacture. A beam of light doesn’t wear out like a cutting blade does. That wear on a mechanical cutting blade can introduce variation when cutting many parts and the difference between the first and last piece in a batch can be substantial. On the other hand, laser cutters produce finished pieces that are exactly the same on a consistent basis.
Mechanical cutting introduces the possibility of contamination, either of the blade or the piece being cut. With no physical contact involved, laser cutting reduces or eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination.

Laser Cutters Yield New Possibilities.

Manufacturers that incorporate laser cutting into their process often find that they can provide additional products and services.
Laser cutters are capable of creating complex shapes with fine detail that are beyond the capability of even the smallest saw blade. Pieces that previously had to be handled manually to add detail or eliminate rough edges come out of the cutter ready to ship. The cuts often require no or minimal finishing.
The automatic sealing of edges in synthetics can also eliminate another post-cutting step. Some materials can’t be cost-effectively cut with traditional methods but yield easily to a laser. Materials that are hard or abrasive wear out saw blades but leave the beam of the laser cutter untouched.

One Tool, Many Uses

Another big benefit to laser cutting is the wide range of materials that can be used. By adjusting the power, a single laser cutter can slice through quartz or oak and then minutes later slice cleanly through a sheet of paper without ripping it. A single laser may be able to replace several mechanical cutters. Not only can these laser cutters handle different materials, but they can handle multiple jobs as well. You no longer need separate tools for rough cuts and fine detail. In fact, you don’t even need separate runs for both kinds of cuts. One pass can be enough to turn your raw material into a finished product without any additional work.
Software makes the process of laser cutting easy and safe. It also makes it simple to change jobs as you move from one production batch to the next. Setup is quick and production is likely to increase when moving away from mechanical systems.

New technology for laser cutting

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Advanced Cutting Technology utilises new technology for laser cutting of metals and plastics.


Of all the thermal cutting processes, lasers have the least thermal affect on metals. Laser cut edges offer finished quality, and it eliminates the need for further deburring or grinding. Metals that ideally cut with laser are: Mild Steel & Carbon Steel up to 20mm, as well as alloy and tool steel. Steels can be cut by laser regardless of their hardness.

Organics (Plastics)

The intense heat source of the laser cutting device breaks down the polymer chains of plastic to provide fast, accurate cutting. In acrylics, laser cutting provides a clean mirror finished edge that requires no further work.

ACT laser cutting can do it

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Advanced Cutting Technology will cut what other laser cutting companies can not. Our specialist 3D laser cutting technology is superior and highly advanced.
Our six axis, 3D laser cutting machine is capable of processing many materials. Our state of the art machinery functions in a 3D plane. It is capable of Counter Sinking, Bevel Edge Cutting and Scalloping. Along with the ability to process all your pipe (Round or Square). We can even cut on and around all faces of pre-fabricated three dimensional objects.
Using computerised laser cutting equipment, we are able to produce accurate finishes, even for the most intricate designs. We provide the quality of service essential to produce the highest standard of laser cutting. With three laser cutting machines and over 40 years combined experience, our skilled staff will deliver results you’re sure to be pleased with.

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