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Laser Cutting services in Melbourne

Come to us for your laser cutting needs in Melbourne; you have a small job or a large independent task, our team can help. We are able to cut most metals, such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, timber and plastics. Our powerful yet cheap laser cutting machines have the ability to cut materials into every shape or dimension imaginable! 
With a standard turnaround time of less than a week, we are committed to quickly completing your project to the highest quality.

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Need laser cutting services in Melbourne?

With more than a century of combined industry experience and over 25 years in business, make Advanced Cutting Technology your go-to destination for laser cutting in Dandenong. Servicing Melbourne businesses both big and small, our custom laser cutting services, laser engraving and other laser cutting is first-rate.

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We Proudly Offer The Following Types Of Laser Cutting:

When complex contours demand precise, fast and force-free processing, you need 2D laser cutting. Our lasers laser cutting services in Melbourne create high precision cuts for any project without distortion. Our three machines work hard for you.

If you need to cut through materials and shapes like tubes, passages, angles and beams, you may need 3D laser cutting. It is the ideal option compared to sawing, milling or drilling. Our 3D laser cutting operation ensures a highly effective time-saving solution. We will cut what other laser cutting companies cannot do as the ultimate laser cutting service in Dandenong.

Replacing conventional manufacturing methods like sawing, drilling and punching, our Dandenong-based rotary laser cutting service makes light work of most round tube or RHS applications. Using state-of-the-art technology, we can cut tubes and profiles into sections in one clamping operation. From engineering and construction to housing or furniture applications, ACT can cut it for you.

When you need room dividers or privacy panels for your workplace, a well-thought out decorative laser screen can work wonders. ACT specialises in laser cut screens that can be measured to any size or dimension requirement. Not only does it add to the aesthetics but it also helps create the right ambience.

Whether you need to laser cut MDF or plywood or any other type of wood, ACT can help. We offer a professional wood laser cutting service across Melbourne. We are able to cut through a very narrow section of material or even the most complex geometries and cuts without leaving shavings or dust in its wake.

Our metal laser cutting technique includes mild steel up to 20mm, stainless steel up to 20mm, aluminium up to 12mm as well as alloy and tool steel. From laser cut steel to laser cut aluminium or carbon steel laser cutting, we ensure smooth and precise edges without the need for further deburring or grinding.

Our acrylic laser cutting service in Melbourne is flexible, accurate and convenient. Whether your project involves laser cutting plastic or plexiglass, we can do it for you. Offering a smooth and clean finish to plastic products up to 25mm, you won’t need any subsequent cleaning and polishing after we have completed the task.