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Laser Cutting in Melbourne

Looking for a premium quality laser cutting service in Melbourne? Advanced Cutting Technology is a Melbourne based company offering advanced laser cutting services. Our highly skilled staff are customer focused and ready to help you make your next project a reality. If you’re in Melbourne and asking yourself, “who is the best choice for laser cutting near me?”, Advanced Cutting Technology is the answer.  


We are able to produce accurate finishes, even for the most intricate designs.


3D laser cutting is a great fabrication option for stamped and pressed metal parts.


Our rotary laser cutter replaces conventional manufacturing methods


We specialize in custom made decorative screens.

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the Experts in Laser Cutting in Melbourne

With more than 100 years of combined experience and over 25 years in business, Advanced Cutting Technology are the experts in laser cutting in Dandenong and across Melbourne. Our custom laser cutting services, laser engraving and other laser cutting is suitable for businesses both big and small. We proudly offer:

Laser cutters are extremely precise and can cut through several different types of materials, including steel, wood, plastic and more. A thin laser beam is used to engrave designs onto the material without damage. The result is a clean cut that looks stunning on any application.

Benefits of Laser Cutting

As technology has advanced, so too have the capabilities of laser cutting machines. At Advanced Cutting Technology, we are proud to offer an exceptional laser cutting service in Melbourne.

  • Advanced equipment – we use a modern set up with the latest technology to deliver optimal results.
  • Precision – we can laser cut your desired shape or image, no matter how intricate.
  • Flawless  – the precision of laser cutting results in a high quality product that’s virtually free from imperfections.
  • Affordable – laser cutting is one of the most affordable ways to create luxurious decorative pieces, signage, artwork, product prototypes and more.

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Successful Laser Cutting Projects Across All Industries

No matter your project, we can lend a helping hand with our quality laser cutting. Our laser cutting service in Melbourne extends across all industries, including:


Commercial Laser Cutting

Enhance your business or office with our commercial laser cutting service in Melbourne. Combining decorative and functional elements, laser cutting is ideal for creating custom control panel covers, logos, decorative pieces, business signage and more.

Laser Cutting for engineering

As the experts in laser cutting for the engineering field, we can work with stainless steel, mild steel, timber, perspex, plastic, aluminium and more. Laser cutting is ideal for creating automotive engine parts and panels, machinery parts, product prototypes and a range of other products.

Laser Cutting for Signage

Add a touch of luxury to your home or business with a laser cut sign. We offer laser cutting services to help you create gorgeous house or apartment numbers, logos, desk signage, architectural pieces and more.

Screens and Decorative Laser Cutting

Create a stunning decorative panel for your home or office with our laser cutting service. Ideal for room dividers, gates, privacy screens, architectural screens and more, we can laser cut beautiful, functional panels for a range of applications.

Creative Laser Cutting

Push the boundaries with our creative laser cutting service. Ideal for sculptures, decorations, artwork, jewellery and more, we can cut intricate or bold designs to create a unique piece.

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Why choose Advanced Cutting Technology for laser cutting in Melbourne

Using computerised laser cutting equipment, we produce accurate finishes, even for the most intricate designs. We provide the quality of service needed to produce the highest standard of laser cutting. With over three laser cutting machines and 100 years combined experience, our skilled staff will be sure to deliver the best results possible. At Advanced Cutting Technology, we offer nothing less than the best quality laser cutting service in Melbourne.

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James and the team at ACT provide a fantastic laser cutting service. Quick quotes, short lead-times and quality finishes every time
Greg Norris
Tomako Furniture
The entire team are easy to deal with and extremely proactive in obtaining the best solution with a very fast turnaround
Adrian Ward
Whiteboards “R” Us
Not only do they provide us with a quality product, it’s also an on-time product and its right first time! That makes our job so much easier
Tony Dowe
Walkinshaw Racing

Specifications / Capability

Latest Technology For High Quality Laser Cutting

Advanced Cutting Technology’s investments in the latest laser cutting technology allows us to be able to cut small to large batches of laser cut parts, be it flat plate, square and rectangular box section, or round tube laser cutting. Check us out online for the best laser cutting service in Melbourne to suit all needs.

Laser cut materials

Laser Cut Materials

Our laser cutting company is capable of cutting a variety of materials including metal, acrylic and wood. In general, laser cutting metal can range from different carbon steels to stainless steels. Cutting down acrylics on the other hand, requires an intense laser heat source that is capable of providing a clean finished cut. Laser cutting also offers a more efficient means of cutting through timber, plywood particle boards and other similar materials. For more details, check out our Material Specifications page.