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Acrylic Laser Cutting

Laser cutting offers a lot of manufacturing possibilities. Thanks to technology, materials of all different varieties can be crafted to specific needs. Laser cut acrylics is one of them. This can produce results ranging from smooth and polished edges to bright and frosty engravings depending on the type of acrylic.

There are two types when it comes to laser cut acrylics: cast and extruded. Cast acrylics are made from liquid acrylics that are poured into moulds. Most awards you see are made from this type of acrylic. Cast acrylics work well for engraving since it gives off a frosty white look when engraved. 

The second type of acrylic is extruded acrylics. Unlike cast acrylics, these will cut smoothly and will give off a flame-polish edge under the laser. When engraved, it will have a clear engraving as opposed to a frosted look. 

The quality of a laser cut acrylic depends on a few things. For one, the wattage of the laser cutter determines the thickness of the plastic that can be cut. Laser cutting at slow speeds and high power usually results in higher quality laser cut plastics. This lets the laser beam melt the edges of the acrylic which causes a flame-polished edge.    


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Advantages of laser cut acrylics

The biggest advantages of acrylic laser cutting are flexibility, accuracy and convenience. Whether it’s a laser cut plastic or a plexiglass cutting, this offers great freedom in deciding your design choice. Laser cutting also offers a clean and smooth finish to plastic products. Compared to conventional cutting methods, laser cut products don’t need any subsequent cleaning and polishing. 

The precision of a laser cut is also a major advantage, particularly for acrylics. Laser cutting can perform set design patterns continuously and accurately. As such, cutting curves and three dimensional forms are precise. 

The intense heat of the lasers break down the polymer chains of plastic. This makes for a quicker method of cutting compared to other thermal cutting methods like plasma and flame cutting. 

Other advantages of laser cut acrylics include automation. Specialist machine operators are still key to a thorough laser cutting job. But due to the technology and how the machinery operates, there’s a lot of automation that goes into laser cutting. This results in lower labour costs as opposed to other methods. 


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There’s more than one way to laser cut plastic. If it’s a sheet of acrylic, you could opt for 2D laser cutting, which is also called flat sheet or profile cutting. In the case of a tube or other 3D object, 3D laser cutting is the way to go. In 2D laser cutting, a series of mirrors and lenses direct a high energy light beam into the cutting surface of the material. Any residue after the laser beam is struck, is blown away from the cut with a gas stream. This method works best for acrylic sheet laser cutting jobs.

3D laser cutting offers more options for the cutting material. The process uses a multi-axis cutting mechanism. This allows for the cutting of many different shapes of metal materials ranging from tubes, angles, and beams among others.

Rotary laser cutting is another form of acrylic laser cutting available. It offers a variation from other forms of mechanical methods like drilling, sawing, and punching. This helps cut tubes and profiles into sections in one clamping operation, and produces more accurate recesses and contours.

Advanced Cutting Technology for a premium laser cut acrylic

Any one of Advanced Cutting Technology’s three 2D laser cutting machines can cut designs with ease. The company’s specialist 3D laser cutting technology also offers a superior service equipped with a six-axis system. Advanced Cutting Technology is also equipped with a dedicated rotary laser cutting machine. This is ideal for settings such as construction, housing and furniture applications. 

Our laser cutting technologies and services are not limited to cutting acrylics, but also extend to other materials such as metal, wood, composites, and rubber to name a few.

We at Advanced Cutting Technology come with over 40 years of experience in laser cutting. Our skilled staff will ensure you get nothing less than a premium quality laser cutting service. So go ahead, get in touch with us today.