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Laser Cut Screens

Laser cut screens are design patterns that are made from a wide range of materials. These primarily serve aesthetic purposes, usually in the form of interior decor and other decorative panels. But it can add a functional use such as room dividers and privacy panels as well. Thanks to technology, laser cut screen designs can be made from metal, wood and even acrylic materials.

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Who it’s for

In the case of workspaces, well thought out decorative laser cut screens builds a theme and puts emphasis on the creative aspects. Creating the right ambience is particularly important for the work environment, whether it’s for a 30-team setting or a co-working space. Sometimes this is hard to achieve with just a colour theme and paintings all over walls. 

Though creating the right ambience and theme isn’t limited to workspace, but also for personal living environments as well. A laser cut metal screen can add interesting details to the current setting. The technology is able to cater to almost every specific design requirement. So, in essence you’re only limited by your own creativity. 

The usage for laser cut screens go further. Take customer-centric establishments like hotels, restaurants and shopping outlets. Custom designed laser cut screens would not only add to the aesthetics, but also help communicate important information such as logo, mission statement, company story and others.

Benefits of laser cut screens

Laser cutting in general offers many advantages. Laser cuts give off less thermal stress on many materials compared to other methods. This means that cuts leave off a smooth, finished cut instead of scorched marks. This adds to the reliability factor as well. 

Laser cutting also benefits from the machinery involved in the process. There’s less labour involved and more automation. Yes, the procedure still needs specialised professionals. But the overall cost is low with laser cutting. 

When it comes to laser cut screens, end products heavily rely on well made designs with a creative look. This depends on a number of aspects including precision, creativity and the ease of design. Laser cut screens offer all of these. Hence, the appeal.


Laser cut panel capabilities

There are several ways to go about in getting those perfect laser cut screen designs. In 2D laser cutting, a high energy light beam follows a series of mirrors and lenses directly into the cutting surface of the material. When struck, the beam would melt and evaporate the metal underneath the surface. Any residue is blown away from the cut with a gas stream. 2D laser cutting fits most laser cut screen design needs. 

You can also go for 3D laser cutting. This offers more options in terms of the cutting material. As the name implies, this is a multi-axis cutting process and can be used to cut many different shapes of materials ranging from tubes of acrylic to blocks of wood. Rotary laser cutting is also another possible option where it’s a variation from other forms of manufacturing like drilling, sawing, and punching. This method helps cut tubes and profiles into sections in one clamping operation, and produces recesses and contours with greater accuracy.


Advanced Cutting Technology for your laser cut screen

So how does it work? The process is fairly straightforward. You can opt for one of our existing design options or submit your own. Next, you should select a colour and finish of your choosing. Afterwards, there are other features to consider like your choice of lighting, whether you want it built-in or prefer the natural lighting of a reflective surface. 

We at Advanced Cutting Technology are equipped with over four decades of experience in the industry. Our team of specialists will ensure you get the best of what laser cutting services can offer. Have more questions about laser cut screens? Get in touch with us today and get a free quote.