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Laser Cutting Design Capability

Advanced Cutting Technology’s investments in the latest laser cutting technology, allows us to provide exceptional laser cutting designs for a variety of applications. We can cut small to large batches of laser cut parts, be it flat plate, square and rectangular box section, or round tube laser cutting.

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Wide range of


Laser cutting is very well suited for the vast majority of materials relevant to many industries and applications. Our lasers can cut materials including acrylic, aluminium, and stainless steel with a wide range of thicknesses and can be operated in a variety of cutting conditions to achieve cuts across different material thickness. Considering a typically sized laser of 100W, the duration and frequency of the pulses determine the speed of the cut and also the maximum thickness of the cut. This is also related to the feature size—the finer the feature size, the slower and less thick the cut can be, though this is application specific. Generally, our lasers have a maximum cutting width of 1500mm alongside a maximum sheet size of 1500 x 3000mm.

ideal machines

for any requirements

Advanced Cutting Technology has the ideal machine to meet any requirement, regardless of the type of sheet, metal, or material you may want to process. At Advanced Cutting Technology we provide targeted advice when choosing between the laser cutting design to adhere to your specific design needs and requirements. We are determined to find the best, most cost-effective solution for you. The key factor when determining which laser is right for you depends on the specifications and materials of your pre-determined project.

Laser Cutting Range & Capability

Maximum cutting width – 1500mm

Maximum sheet size – 1500 x 3000mm

As with any process, laser cutting designs are subject to certain limitations, primarily cutting certain angles in certain orientations. This relates to part thickness, cut quality and the mechanical interference of the equipment.

Advanced Cutting Technology Lasers are renowned for their reliability in industrial settings, boasting durability and robustness. With their high-quality cutting edges, they deliver burr-free edges and minimal surface roughness, making them ideal for intricate 2D and  3D laser cutting designs. Additionally, they are well-suited for use as an acrylic laser cutter, ensuring precise and clean cuts.


Cost-effective Industrial Solutions

Advanced Cutting Technology can reduce welding work, the quantity of parts needed and your costs! Our services open up a whole new window of opportunity for your company and can change the way that you design your parts to reduce your overhead costs. Have your parts self fixture and eliminate assembly errors today.

Our laser cutting services and team of experts allow your business to minimise the amount of manufacturing that is required as well as reduce the quantity of parts required for an assembly within your industry. We can help you with an intelligent laser cutting design that is moving from prototype to production and can offer suggestions on how you might be able to use Advanced Cutting Technology laser cutting.

We also stock a high volume of laser cutting materials which means we probably have the material you need on hand but it also means that we can offer you a competitive price with faster turnarounds. Using our stock materials is the best option for keeping costs lower. We have everything from flat sheet stock to tube based materials.

Advanced Cutting Technology’s laser software also produces super tight nests so waste material is almost eliminated. Common material jobs are nested and cut together, which increases efficiency, reduces changeover time and keeps costs down!


cost benefits of Laser Cutting include:

  • The laser cutting profile programme costs less than 0.5% of the die cost.
  • No die storage or maintenance with laser cutting.
  • Minor laser cutting design changes cost little compared with the cost of changes to hard dies.
  • Tooling costs are eliminated and close nesting of parts enables more economic use of materials.
  • Laser cut short runs are “off tool” quality and competitive when all hand operation costs are considered.
  • Without the need to tool up, short lead times as well as short production runs become viable. Even “one off” laser cut jobs are economical.
  • Special materials can be used with laser cutting which are difficult or impossible to cut by other methods.
  • Special service when time is critical.