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For over 24 years, Advanced Cutting Technology has been professionally involved in producing custom laser cuts, laser engravings and laser cutting projects for businesses both big and small. Based in Melbourne, Australian owned and certified as Quality Assured, Advanced Cutting Technology offers the latest in laser cutting technology with both profile and rotary laser cutting machines. Our state of the art equipment promises a reliable, quick and cost effective turnaround for both 2D laser cutting and 3D laser cutting projects.
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Family Owned & operated

What makes us standout

Family owned and founded, with over 100 years of experience between our staff, Advanced
Cutting Technology laser cutters and services are suitable for metals as well as processing
most of the non-metallic materials like cloth, acrylic, wood, leather, paper, rubber, plastic, glass,
and ceramic. These lasered materials can be widely used for various industries to suit your
business purpose and needs. Advanced Cutting Technology assures accuracy and speed for
complex shapes with no distortion for your required projects. We also believe in continuous
development; therefore we are constantly advancing in state of the art equipment and qualified
personnel to refine our processes and maintain the quality of our products and services.


Inspiration to life

Advanced Cutting Technology also pride themselves on bringing inspiration to life! We can receive drawings, samples or even dwg, dxf, iges files to assist layout and set up of your order. We will do our best to work within your budget, design and deadlines, making the experience with us, a satisfying one. Our computer controlled lasers have a clear benefit over the usual equipment due to reliability and accuracy. We achieve precision cutting to 0.1mm with projects fabricated in days, not weeks! Contact us today and let Advanced Cutting Technology take your project from an abstract idea to a fulfilled completed product.

Our Passionate

Managing Director

James is the face of Advanced Cutting Technology and our Managing Director. Originally working alongside his father, whom started the business back in 1995, James enthusiastically took over the reigns 13 years ago. He has now shaped the business over the years to guide it to the industry leading position it holds within the Australian metal processing field today. James has a passion to provide the best possible results for our customers – whatever their requirements may be. Understanding partnerships and building relationships are his forte, and he leverages this to help all our customers achieve long-lasting success.