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Wood Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is utilised to make precise cuts, marks and engravings on various materials. The technology also enables the same level of precision on wood materials. Laser wood cutting opens up several possibilities, both for personal and commercial purposes. This is the perfect way to get your custom-cut plywood to size in Melbourne.

Two Ways Of Wood Laser-Cutting

Carbon dioxide lasers work well for almost every type of project. Our lasers meet all wood laser-cutting requirements due to the varying power options available, whether it’s cherry, walnut, maple or any other type of wood. 

Looking to get a laser-cut plywood size in Melbourne? Get your quote from us today.

The Difference Between Plywood and Simple Wood

Simple wood is cut directly from the tree, while plywood is manufactured by gluing wood composite and veneer sheets together. This results in low-cost and highly versatile materials – plywood is easier to work with than simple wood, and it is easier to achieve plywood boards that cover a large area.

This is why so many people opt for plywood across various projects. Get your plywood cut to size in Melbourne with Advanced Cutting Technology.

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How To Use a Laser To Cut Plywood

Laser technology directs a highly precise beam to cut through the plywood. Plywood is lightweight and stable. Our lasers cut easily without harming the material’s structural integrity. There is also no contact between the cutting device and the wood, which means no wear or tear around the cutting area.

Complex cutting is made possible thanks to laser technology. Customers can realise their project designs with ease and without compromising on the finished result.  We’re here to help you along that path. If you need plywood cut to size in Melbourne, contact us today.

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The wood laser cutting service you need

There’s more than one way to laser-cut wood. If it’s a softwood sheet like pine, you could opt for flat sheet or profile cutting, better known as 2D laser cutting. Here, a series of mirrors and lenses direct a high-energy light beam into the cutting surface of the material. Any residue after the laser beam is struck is blown away from the cut with a gas stream. 2D laser cutting may suit you well for jobs like plywood laser cutting.


The Advanced Cutting Technology solution

Any one of Advanced Cutting Technology’s three 2D laser cutting machines can cut designs with ease. The company’s specialist 3D laser cutting technology also offers a superior service with a six-axis system. Advanced Cutting Technology is also equipped with a dedicated rotary laser cutting machine. This is ideal for settings such as construction, housing and furniture applications.

Laser cutting is versatile; virtually anything can be cut with Advanced Cutting Technology lasers. This includes wood and other materials such as metal, acrylic, fabric, and paper, to name a few. Our laser-cutting process delivers precise and high-quality work without wasting time. Laser processing of materials with Advanced Cutting Technology requires minimal human intervention.

Advanced Cutting Technology comes with over 100 years of experience in laser cutting. Our skilled staff will ensure you get nothing less than a premium quality laser cutting service. If you need plywood, timber and particle boards cut to size in Melbourne, no one is better to get the job done. So go ahead and get in touch with us today.


What laser is best for wood cutting?

CO2 lasers are typically considered the best option for wood cutting due to their ability to vaporise wood material efficiently while minimising charring.

How much does a wood laser cutter cost in Australia?

The cost of a wood laser cutter in Australia can vary depending on factors such as the cutting area size, and additional features. Contact our team of experts to get your pricing right.

How thick of wood can a laser cutter cut?

The thickness of wood a laser cutter can cut depends on several factors, including the laser's power, focal length, and type of wood. Typically, laser cutters can effectively cut wood up to25mm thick.

How powerful does a laser need to be to cut wood?

The power required to cut wood with a laser depends on the type and thickness of the wood. Generally, CO2 lasers with power ranging from 40 to 150 watts are suitable for wood-cutting applications.

What are the things to consider when using wood laser cutting?

Some considerations for wood laser cutting include selecting the appropriate laser power and focal length, ensuring proper ventilation to remove smoke and fumes, choosing the right cutting speed and power settings, and implementing safety measures to prevent accidents and protect against laser radiation.

What is the best laser-cutting machine for wood?

The best laser-cutting machine for wood varies depending on specific needs and budget. Some popular options include CO2 laser cutting machines. f, which offer a range of features and capabilities suitable for various wood-cutting applications. When choosing the best machine for your requirements, evaluating factors such as cutting speed, precision, ease of use, and after-sales support is essential.