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Wood Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is utilised to make precise cuts, marks and engravings on a variety of materials. These include metal, acrylic, rubber, composites and a host of others. The technology also enables the same level of precision on wood materials. Laser wood cutting opens up to a number of possibilities, both for personal and commercial purposes.

Lasers can be an efficient method for timber laser cutting. Instead of burning the wood, the high-powered concentrated light will simply evaporate the wood. This will give off smooth finish cuts as opposed to burnt, scorched marks since the process applies a low thermal stress.

Two ways of wood laser cutting

There are two ways to go about laser wood cutting, carbon dioxide and diode lasers. The carbon dioxide lasers come in a variety of options. These use glass tubes filled with carbon dioxide. The gas energises molecules to produce infrared light to cut the wood, meaning the laser is invisible to the naked eye. This also means that you could go blind without even knowing you’re looking at the laser. 

Carbon dioxide lasers work well for almost every type of project. Whether it’s cherry, walnut, maple or any other type, these types of lasers suit all wood laser cutting requirements due to the varying power options available. 

Diode lasers come in three variations, red, green and blue. The red diode is the weakest one while the blue diode is the strongest in power. Diode lasers are usually suitable for etchings and markings due to their overall power limitations. Although some lasers would be able to cut wood, these would be thin and/or soft. Even so, the blue laser is still powerful enough to damage the human eye at a distance.

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There’s more than one way to laser cut wood. If it’s a softwood sheet like Pine, you could opt for flat sheet or profile cutting, or better known as 2D laser cutting. Here, a series of mirrors and lenses direct a high energy light beam into the cutting surface of the material. Any residue after the laser beam is struck, is blown away from the cut with a gas stream. For jobs like plywood laser cutting, 2D laser cutting may suit well.

But what about 3D material like a block of oak? This is where 3D laser cutting comes into the picture. This process uses a multi-axis cutting mechanism that cuts many different shapes of timber, plywood and particle boards.

Rotary laser cutting is another form of wood laser cutting available. It offers a variation from other forms of mechanical methods like drilling, sawing, and punching. This helps cut blocks of wood into sections in one clamping operation, and produces more accurate recesses and contours.


The Advanced Cutting Technology solution

Any one of Advanced Cutting Technology’s three 2D laser cutting machines can cut designs with ease. The company’s specialist 3D laser cutting technology also offers a superior service equipped with a six-axis system. Advanced Cutting Technology is also equipped with a dedicated rotary laser cutting machine. This is ideal for settings such as construction, housing and furniture applications.

Laser cutting is versatile and virtually anything can be cut with Advanced Cutting Technology lasers. This includes not only wood, but other materials such as metal, acrylic, fabric, and paper, to name a few. Our laser cutting process delivers precise and high quality work while taking no time at all. Laser processing of materials with Advanced Cutting Technology requires minimal human intervention.

Advanced Cutting Technology comes with over 40 years of experience in laser cutting. Our skilled staff will ensure you get nothing less than a premium quality laser cutting service. So go ahead, get in touch with us today.