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Specialists in rotary laser cutting technology

At Advanced Cutting Technology, our rotary laser cutter replaces conventional manufacturing methods such as sawing, drilling, milling and punching to make light work of most tube or RHS applications. It uses rotary laser cutting technology to cut tubes and profiles into sections in one clamping operation. This produces recesses and contours with greater accuracy using a 4kW laser.

If you require tube laser cutting services from round tube, pipe or Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS), Advanced Cutting Technology rotary laser cutting service is the ideal solution. Particularly for those looking for tube laser cutting in Melbourne. Our dedicated rotary laser cutting machine enables easy and accurate cuts from a tube to slots, junctions or other shapes.

Rotary laser cutting is ideal for many use cases. This includes construction, housing and furniture applications in the Victorian region where holes, slots, key ways or angles are required for assemblies and flush fitting joints.

How does tube laser cutting work?

In a similar structure to a metal working lathe, which is a machine tool used principally for shaping pieces of metal, the tube or RHS is clamped at one end by rotating four jaws and reinforced at the other end by a pneumatically controlled tail stock. The tube rotates under the moving head. The end result? Precision rotary laser cutting.

Our new 3 Dimensional Laser Cutting Machine can cut formed components and shapes. It’s also enabled with six-axis rotary cutting of tube, pipe, RHS and bevelling of mild steel and stainless steel plate.


Utilising a rotating chuck Advanced Cutting Technology can cut holes of any shape and profile cut scallop ends for a nice fit or beville for a weld prep of the following materials:

  • Round tube
  • Square/Rectangle/Triangular hollow tube
  • Angle
  • PFC

Rotary laser benefits

  • Highly productive manufacturing as it replaces more time consuming fabrication processes
  • Exact results thanks to superior clamping technology
  • Exceptional part quality.

We Offer our Services accross all industries


Is rotary laser cutting expensive?

Compared to drilling or cutting tube by traditional methods, rotary laser cutting could save you a lot of money.

Can I supply the tube?

Absolutely, however we have multiple tube suppliers with access to a huge range of tube, pipe and RHS in a variety of materials.

How long will the job take?

Depending on current workload and material availability, our typical turn-around time is usually within one week from receipt of order.

Your reliable laser cutting service in Melbourne

Advanced Cutting Technology is equipped with over 40 years of experience in the laser cutting business. Apart from rotary laser cutting, we also offer 2D and 3D laser cutting services and are capable of handling a wide variety of materials.

Modern laser cutting technology has many advantages for many whether it’s personal or for commercial purposes. Request a quote and get in touch with us today.